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What if Blue Skies Were Red

"What if Blue Skies Were Red"


acrylic on 30 X 40 in. canvas

Blue Skies

"Blue Skies"


acrylic on 30 X 40 in. canvas

Soft Spoken

"Soft Spoken"


acrylic on 36 X 72 in. linen canvas

Chop Society

"Chop Society"


oil on 20 X 20 in. primed wood panel




acrylic on 12 X 16 in. round canvas

Miles Deep

"Miles Deep"


oil on 30 X 40 in. canvas

Apology Letter

"Apology Letter"


acrylic on 16 X 20 in. clay board




oil on 16 X 20 in. canvas




oil on 20 X 20 in. gesso board

Zero Degrees

"Zero Degrees"


oil on 18 X 24 in. gesso board

Surrealism meets horror.

Victoria's sentimentality and the bridge between her Asian-American experiences and her feelings exists in a realm of endless imagination portrayed through playful, yet eerie perspectives, vibrant color palettes, and bold/charismatic women characters. Since Victoria was a child, she has always visited and revisited those same kinds of illogical imagery, memories, dreams, and intuition - the ones that scare, intrigue, confuse. Here, everything she can possibly think of and relate to are just as tangible as everyday objects that take visual form through oil and acrylic paint.


Recreating stories within their own stories; capturing familiar memories and the feelings they used to bring her in the style she cultivates as horror and surrealism and translating it from a canvas to a permanent body. The results, which are never predictable, come out as complex and meaningful as her. This is how Victoria plans to inspire and be inspired.

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